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Township of Washington

Volunteer Fire Department

656 Washington Ave
Township of Washington, NJ  07676


If you would like to become a Cadet, please call the firehouse at 666-0750 or stop by on any Monday evening.
Our Active Member Roster

Members in "bold, gold lettering" have formerly served as "Chief" of the Dept.
View our: Life Members - View our: Associate Members and Junior Members

Last Name First Name Rank
Agnello Michael Firefighter/Honorary Chief
Aiello Frank Lieutenant
Basile Michael Firefighter
Bilias William Firefighter-Ex Chief
Blagec Damir Firefighter
Boyce Daniel Firefighter
Campo Christopher Lieutenant
Caporale Joseph Firefighter
Cardillo Michael Firefighter/Honorary Chief
Ehrenfels Adam Firefighter-Ex Chief
Fasciano Rio Firefighter-Ex Chief
Glock Michael Firefighter
Gugger Jason Battalion Chief
Gugger Jeffrey Firefighter/Honorary Chief
Hans Pierce Firefighter
Hayes David Firefighter
Hrbek Jason Firefighter
Husslein Christian Lieutenant
Insetta Pete Chief
Issowits Michael Firefighter
Kenny Clayton Captain
Kwasniewski Jr. Ralph Firefighter-ExChief/Inspector
Langone Paul Firefighter
Maul Richard Firefighter
Maul William Firefighter-Ex Chief
Maynes Robert Firefighter
Maynes Ryan Firefighter
Mechan Christopher Firefighter
Meier Christopher Firefighter-Ex Chief
Miros Zachary Lieutenant
Murphy Timothy Firefighter
Neary Peter Firefighter
O'Sullivan Brendan Firefighter
Riedel Michael Firefighter
Roberts Bruce Firefigher
Rossi Bill Firefighter
Sabbagh Phillip Firefighter
Scherer Roy Firefighter-Ex Chief
Schroeder Nicholas Firefighter
Schroeder Richard Firefighter-Ex Chief
Sears Thomas Firefighter-Ex Chief
Segarra Travis Firefighter
Shalom Sasi Firefighter
Smith Ryan Firefighter
Stewart James Firefighter
Stutzer Tie Firefighter
Vanore Mike Firefighter
Zaconie James Firefighter-Ex Chief
Zitko Kevin Deputy Chief
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